How to buy crypto with Credit Card on Changelly


Buying crypto, with a credit card is not an easy task, because of chargebacks. Changelly has added this feature with an easy to do way; We will see how this is done step by step (Bitcoin will be for example).

  • On the left field, we select the USD option
  • On the right field we select Bitcoin, in the middle we see the exchange rate and in the left field we enter the dollar amount
  • Set your wallet’s BTC address
  • Check the payment details and the select “Confirm and make payment”

The transaction is created and then, you are prompted with a screen asking you to proceed with Visa/Mastercard payment.

  • Enter your credit card details
  • Enter the phone number attached to your credit card
  • You will get a phone call and hear the four digit code that should be entered
  • You go to you banking software and see a three digit code. If you don’t see this you need to record your voice with a message “INDACOIN VERIFICATION” and send a picture of you and your passport.

That’s it! You can buy Bitcoins, without any paperwork. This is cool!

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  1. How long does it take for these coins to come through? I am used to credit card purchases depositing instantly (a la Coinbase). If it takes hours or even days for the ID verification then there is absolutely no point in paying a 10% premium to buy coins from them.

    • The only advantage is the simple Know Your Customer procedure. That’s why they sell with a premium. I like simple procedures, not difficult ones, even if they are more expensive. It’s just my taste!

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