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 Who are we?


Pascal Thellmann

Pascal Thellmann

When I was 14 I wanted a new computer really badly. But with the pocket money I received from my parents, I would have to wait over 2 years until I could afford it. So I decided to build a website to make some cash. After only 3 months the website was already making me more money than I was getting from my parents. I was shocked. This led me to start learning more and more about the internet and how it works. At the age of 15, I first heard about Bitcoin. I tried to convince my parents to invest in it, but they didn’t want me to put my money into a currency that is used to buy drugs. Frustrated, I forgot about it for some years. At the age of 17, I heard about Ethereum. After doing some research I knew this technology would reshape the world we currently live in. So I talked to my parents… And surprise, surprise, they even helped me to buy a couple Ether through Coinbase!

Some months go by and I see crazy returns on my initial investment. Excited, I tell all my friends about this new tech. Problem is, not a single one of my buddies understood what the heck I was talking about. So I decided to look for some articles that were easy to understand for non-tech people, which I could later send them. I couldn’t find anything. 

I knew that blockchain could only go mainstream if the “average Joe” can actually understand it. So, together with my friend Carlos, we decided to bring CoinNoob to life.  A blog where we make token sales and cryptocurrencies easy to understand.


Carlos Domenici


I’ve always loved to invest, but when I first heard about Bitcoin I knew I had found a new purpose in life. My interest in investing popped-up when I was twelve. My dad used to tell me that money could only come if you had a job and worked hard enough. I am a very competitive person so it became a challenge to contradict him and so I started by creating my own business. At 12 years of age, I watched many American films and in all of them, the classic lemonade shop appeared. I thought it was a great idea, but instead of lemonade, I started to exchange my old collection of stamps for old coins. I always opened my small “shop” in the town I lived in Italy during summer. I collected many different amazing coins and it became a great interest. Then I sold these for a great value near my house; apparently, they were worth a lot.

With the money I made, I asked my uncle to open me an account in the Forex Market; to trade. At the end, I made quite a big sum of money, which I invested all in BTC at the age of 15. My uncle told my dad about my great investments, and well, you probably imagine what my parent told me (he was quite happy). Cryptocurrencies have taught me how technology can be amazing, and how it can change the world as we know in the blink of an eye.

Currently investing in the crypto world, it has become a passion. I also loved to write, so when I saw that there wasn’t any information about cryptocurrencies for beginners, I decided to create this website along with Pascal. I am sure that by 2025 we will be conditioned by the world of cryptocurrencies, but for that day to come, all society must know exactly what world that is. We created CoinNoob to assist beginners to join us in this exciting new world full of possibilities.